Monthly Archives: September 2011

What? Me a blogger? Um, don’t think so.


This blogging world is a little overwhelming for someone who doesn’t enjoy tech-stuff.  But I love the idea of community, so it drives me to discover and charter new territories in my twentieth-century brain.  Don’t get me wrong…I love learning and new ideas and even change.  But I’m also a creative who would rather get to know someone face to face than in cyber space.  However, the idea and potential of getting to know a world of people in different states and countriies (that I didn’t get to know by traveling there) intrigues me.  Plus, I love the fact that I can turn this blog into a vlog.  I can talk directly WITH you, my new community of friends!  Nice!

So, on a day where twenty-thousand things needed to get done, I sat in front of this computer for going on five hours, trying to learn all about the dashboard, tag surfers, Akismet stats, widgets, domain mapping, blogroll, Plinky, Zementa and Gravatar.  No wonder I feel like…a blogroll left in water too long? (mush)

Here’s to a new adventure full of shared stories and life!