Monthly Archives: February 2012

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands


I recorded this little ditty in May 2009, the night of my daughter’s high school graduation and party. The kids had played around on Photo Booth, and it looked like fun. So, by 2 a.m., the house was clean again and I was a little slap-happy. When I sat down to check facebook, the mirror on Photo Booth was still on and I noticed how my shirt looked like the world…sort of. Hence the making of a very weird-two-a.m.-sort-of video. 🙂 I think I was preaching to myself, knowing that in just a few short months, my one and only little girl was going to start college.

So, tell me….what would YOU be worried about, except for the fact you know He’s got the whole world in His hands?


Breezy Moments


What are those “breezy moments” in your life? These are moments that are here one minute and gone with the wind the next. We don’t usually take note of them because they are ordinary. But these breezy moments make us go “ahhhh” with satisfaction. They are good for us. So we must take note of them! Make your Top 10 Breezy Moment list! 🙂