Ponderables: Why Can’t I Be More Techy?


Ok, I never claimed to be a techy. As a matter of fact, I pretty much stink at technical things. It’s a modern day miracle that I’ve actually learned how to post videos! (It took blood, sweat, and a few tears with my ever-patient and techy husband.)

Because I’m so non-techy, today’s vlog was cut off, and my guest vlogger, Twila Belk and I weren’t even aware of it!  (Imagine us talking on and on and it not even recording.  Anyone else ever been there?)

So I’ve decided to still post the vlog, but make it half-vlog/half-blog. Twila and I were talking ponderables, and Twila was on a roll.  Too bad the video camera stopped.  (Of COURSE it’s the camera’s error…certainly not OPERATOR’S error! Haha)

So let’s make lemonade out of lemons and continue to ponder…

Twila:  Why did Cleopatra wear a veil? (Was it to hide chin hairs?)

Twila:  Did the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 shave her legs?

Twila:  Why do restaurants offer small, medium, and large drinks when they give free refills?

Twila:  If we gathered up all our dust, could we create a man?

Laurie (but not original, just one of my favs): If the number 2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still number 2?

Laurie:  Why can’t a woman over the age of 50 be smarter and more technically minded than a 7 year old?

Now it’s your turn! What ponderable have you been pondering recently? What doesn’t make sense to you? Or what question of yours has never been answered? Or did you ever have a “Tech Moment?”  Spill it, girlfriend! 🙂  (Or guy friend…)


About lauriebarkercopeland

I'm just like you, but totally unique. We have things in common, but we are all God's one-of-a-kind creatures. I enjoy finding The Funny in life when it gets messy. And we all know how life can get messy, right? Some of the things I love: God, family, friends, storytelling, community, nature, the arts, beauty, travel, fun and games, learning, the study of the personalities, teenagers, acting, writing and missions. More specifically: the mountains, the beach, breathing clean air, traveling to new places, experiences, deep conversations, appreciating the minute in nature, lunching with girlfriends, practicing sensing, predicting trends, taking a few risks along the way. I hate routine, so starting (and keeping up) this vlog is risky for me...but I love community (and a few risks), so I'm going for it! I hope you join me and we can have some Serious Fun together!

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  1. You gals are hilarious! Too bad it got cut off. By the way, the follow button is floating above the page, not embedded on it. I think I’m going to switch over to wordpress.

  2. Aw yes, it’s too bad the world had to miss out on our brilliance as we pondered so many things. What fun we had, though! Thanks for inviting me to ponder with you, Laurie. 🙂

    • Twila, I’m not so sure I was “brilliant”, but you sure were! 🙂 However, there is something electric that happens when we brainstorm, don’t you think? (Or was that just a thunderstorm brewing?) 🙂

  3. I’m pondering why I wasn’t invited in on this conversation. Or where Cec was when you were talking about him. Oh, wait, I might want to ponder either one of those things too long. Great job, Laurie and Twila!

  4. I laughed at the comment about a 7 year old being more tech savvy than a 50 year old but I do think my 2 year old Is more tech savvy than most 7 year olds! Just like his daddy!

  5. LORRIE!!! So good to see you here and leaving a comment!!! Let me tell you, I am a witness to your 2 year old’s brilliance when it comes to tech-y stuff! I never saw adult or baby learn how a printer works faster than Gabe! (appropriately 45 seconds!)

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