Reading the Electric Toothbrush Directions


To move the brush or not to move the brush…that is the question. It would help if I hadn’t thrown out the directions.

Your thoughts are more than welcome!


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I'm just like you, but totally unique. We have things in common, but we are all God's one-of-a-kind creatures. I enjoy finding The Funny in life when it gets messy. And we all know how life can get messy, right? Some of the things I love: God, family, friends, storytelling, community, nature, the arts, beauty, travel, fun and games, learning, the study of the personalities, teenagers, acting, writing and missions. More specifically: the mountains, the beach, breathing clean air, traveling to new places, experiences, deep conversations, appreciating the minute in nature, lunching with girlfriends, practicing sensing, predicting trends, taking a few risks along the way. I hate routine, so starting (and keeping up) this vlog is risky for me...but I love community (and a few risks), so I'm going for it! I hope you join me and we can have some Serious Fun together!

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  1. Speaking from personal experience, I don’t do the fast up-down thing. I just move it slowly from tooth to tooth. Don’t know if that’s “right” or not, but it works for me.
    (I’m so glad we’re having this serious, pregnant-with-eternal-consequences discussion. It could be life changing, or at least dental-hygiene changing.)

    • I’m so glad, too! I’m mean, what are blogs for, if not for asking life-altering questions? Thanks for your valuable input, Mary! har, har!
      And thanks for becoming a “follower!” That made me smile real big!

  2. haha Jack will like this one – we’re going to bring a computer so hopefully he can watch it! He’ll have the expert advise. By the way, I kept my directions… 😉

  3. Randy has one – he walks to the balcony beachside and brushes his teeth with it every morning – a true sensory experience!! He moves his, because he isn’t the type to stand still. I personally say, “Let the brush do the work, for cryin’ out loud!” But frankly, I stick with the old brushes because the electric ones make me think, “Am i really that lazy?”

    Now, our dental hygienist says NOT to move it. So there’s the word from the expert if you want it.

    Directions are good, yes. Luckily, when we’ve lost the directions, I think God laughs along with us until we look them up online and get it right. Woo-hoo!

    • Hmmmm….that’s another good discussion question: “Does using an electric toothbrush indicate laziness?” I think not. Especially if you have a hard time keeping still, to let it do it’s work.
      Thanks for the word from your dental hygienist. I also have a friend who is one and he hopefully should be weighing in on this weighty matter of utmost importance!
      Directions and God’s Word–both highly needed and often neglected.

  4. Directions are tricky especially when your co-pilot is God…trust in the truth of the direction even if it’s boring…lol

  5. Hey Laurie! Great thoughts! I am the World’s Most Impatient Person so what you said was highly beneficial!. Wish I could offer advice about the toothbrush.

  6. Dear Laurie,
    So glad we can focus on these things. You provide a welcome break from the crazinees of politics and international disasters.

    Whatever gets your teeth clean is probably the correct answer…


    • Yeah, I guess I just ooze “fluff. 🙂 I did write a blog last month on a very serious topic and didn’t get much response. My job in life is to distract from the seriousness of life, I guess!

  7. Laurie, I really loved this one on the toothbrush. I too have an electric one and I just move it slowly across what few teeth I have left and get the “goook” off of my teeth once or twice a day. Soon I won’t have to brush my teeth as I will have dentures!!!! I loved the instruction manual symbolism with the Word of God too…. being our instruction manual as I too like the rush things. I want them done now. Blessings to you Laurie for making this cool and applicable vlog for me to see you every Wednesday. I am here for you my friend. God bless.

  8. Thanks Laurie! I believe we all go through those times when we want to take over and don’t know what we are doing, but God definitely knows what He is doing. I love the metaphor of the directions and the bible 🙂

    • Deanna, yep, I guess you could say most of us try to rush things and do things in our own time frame. But we just need little reminders that God is in control. He gave us directions…if only I would read them…daily! 🙂

  9. Well here is my “two teeth worth”. i think that we move along with the Spirit. When we ask for God’s help, we are not suppose to just sit there and wait for His answer. We are to move in the direction we feel Him Then if He closes the door it is because we actually tried to open it, .hmmm,… deep. So with the toothbrush, it does the brushing part but you do actually have to move it from one tooth to another, Whether you move it slow or fast. you can’t just let it sit on one tooth. So too, God will do the “work” but we have to be able to move in the direction He is pointing us. And how will we know what the directions are…i.e. WHICH direction to move?…. the Bible .
    Oh my, I have just waxed so eloquent that I think I am out of wax!

  10. I don’t know. I’ve sworn off them. They make a sound like a dentist drill and buzz my teeth like electric shock. I tried to get past the horrible buzzing but then my front tooth fell out. Maybe I was using it wrong, too.

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