Distracting Cats


It’s contest time again! Leave a comment with your favorite or funniest or most-touching pet story. Our distinguished panel of judges will choose a winner, who will then be awarded a fabulous bag of pet treats! Deadline is next Wednesday, June 6th, 9 a.m.

How does my rear-end-shashaying-Queen-of-Sheba-cat Zoe remind me of myself?  Tune in to find out! 🙂

After I posted this vlog, my friend Liz had this to say about my story about Zoe and Baby.  It’s so good, I wanted to repost it here! “I can also relate to Zoe’s distraction, but sometimes I’m Baby, too – jealous when someone else is getting more attention than me, but running to and fro instead of just asking if I can have the “spa treatment” too:)”


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I'm just like you, but totally unique. We have things in common, but we are all God's one-of-a-kind creatures. I enjoy finding The Funny in life when it gets messy. And we all know how life can get messy, right? Some of the things I love: God, family, friends, storytelling, community, nature, the arts, beauty, travel, fun and games, learning, the study of the personalities, teenagers, acting, writing and missions. More specifically: the mountains, the beach, breathing clean air, traveling to new places, experiences, deep conversations, appreciating the minute in nature, lunching with girlfriends, practicing sensing, predicting trends, taking a few risks along the way. I hate routine, so starting (and keeping up) this vlog is risky for me...but I love community (and a few risks), so I'm going for it! I hope you join me and we can have some Serious Fun together!

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  1. Our beloved cat Sterling, was a silver and white tabby, with lots of soft white fur on his chest, neck and paws. We adopted Sterling when our daughter, Janeen, was 3. Sterling was slotted for death row at Sanford Animal Control. When I saw him, I knew he was to be ours. They gave us a cardboard box with holes in the top to bring him home in, and when we got home, before we could even open the box, he was purring. We loved our Sterling!!

    Several years after Sterling became part of our family, I came home to find our beautiful Silver and White tabby had metamorphosed into a lovely silver and mauve kitty (that actually matched our decor at the time.) Our feline friend had found a bag of red feather boas for an upcoming recital and had his way with them. After attacking the crimson feathers, rolling around in them, and making sure that there was nothing left alive, Sterling’s beautiful white fur changed to a dramatic shade of mauve.

    We questioned him. He never admitted to any guilt, remaining his regal self, despite the somewhat feminine shade pink on his chest and paws. I, however, know what he was thinking. REAL cats can have whatever color fur they want.

  2. I still can’t pick one story, there are too many. We’ve had some great pets over the years. Thanks for sharing your stories!! I remember Moushi – I think he even came with a snake once, didn’t he? Cats…gotta love them!

    • Wow, Lilly, your memory never ceases to amaze me! You are right…back when we lived out in the country in Homosassa Springs, Moushi would hunt down her daily frog or lizard or whatever. But one day, she came trotting down the long driveway, with an especially proud trot. On closer observation, she had a 7 foot snake in her mouth, with the rest of the snakes body winding all around Moushi. ACK!!!

      Okay, Lilly you can do it.. pick one story and tell it! “)

  3. Loved this post! It was a bright spot in my day to stop and reflect on the blessing God has given us through animals. I can also relate to Zoe’s distraction, but sometimes I’m Baby, too – jealous when someone else is getting more attention than me, but running to and fro instead of just asking if I can have the “spa treatment” too:)
    BTW – take it from someone who knows: your “adoption” of Kailey’s pets may not be temporary!

  4. OK. here is one story: It’s probably not the funniest one, (probably morbid) but it’s true. 😀
    We had our cat Big All for 20 years, and he finally passed away at home, peacefully. He had been a mouser,and had been known to lay in the street and make cars go around him, and yet, the kids dressed him in baby clothes and tugged him around the block in baby strollers and wagons. He even said “Mello” when he came through the cat door which always made us laugh. (He got a reverse mohawk once from one of the kids, but that’s a different story!)
    There was a Texas thunderstorm going on when Big Al died. Lightning flashed, thunder boomed, and yet, my husband knew that I couldn’t live with a dead cat inside all day, so he put on his yellow rain poncho and a headlamp, and headed out to dig a hole in the back corner of our yard. The lightning flashed – there was Don’s silhouette driving a hammer into the ground with the headlight shining …more lightnight, more thunder, more silhouettes, which I found kind of intriguing. Then Don stomped through the soaked ground back to the house, got Big Al, who was now wrapped in a baby quilt, and buried him in that rainsoaked hole he just dug. As I watched from the patio, dripping wet, all of a sudden I started to wonder what the neighbors must think. We looked like something out of a horror movie!
    All that for Big Al…He was a great cat, and we still miss his “Mello”.

    • Oh this is great! Even before you wrapped it up at the end, talking like you were in a horror movie, I laughed outloud at your description of what Don must have looked like…soaking wet, heaving the shovel up and down, digging a hole in the downpour…flash of lightning…roar of thunder! Oh, just hysterical!

      • OH MY GOSH. I wrote hammer instead of shovel. I was working on something and was distracted. Even dead cats can be distracting!! LOL. He was digging with a shovel not a hammer. For those who wonder about us out here! 😀

  5. this is the second story. (I have tons. I’ll just add this one since I referenced it)
    We like to have people over for dinner and once when the kids were little we had a couple over from our church, who were a little more upper class than we were, so we were anxious to impress. I made a full 5 course meal, had the table decorated perfectly, the good china out, everything was perfect. When they arrived, we chatted and ate appetizers at the bar, when the lady (dressed in her finest boutique dress) said that my son was under the table with the cat and a pair of scissors. I assured her he would NEVER hurt the cat…moments later, Big Al sauntered out (as only cats can do for effect) from under the table with an entire reverse mohawk going all the way down the middle of his back (all the hair cut off about an inch wide for about 6 inches!!) Then he SHOOK himself off. Fur went everywhere…on the table, on the chairs, on the bar, on the fine china, on the lovely boutique dress…just everywhere…
    We had dinner on the coffee table in the den, sitting on the old couch, eating off the old corelle dishes….it was a night to remember!

    • hahahah! Okay, Lilly, I’ve got another one I should tell you that your above story begs for me to tell. But it’s rather gross. Should I or shouldn’t I….hmmmm…
      Okay, I’ll tell it!
      We had just moved, and my mom and dad were there to help us. They spent the night, and in the morning, I fixed a really nice (at least by my standards) breakfast for them. We were finally sitting down to a table set with eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, the works. Just as we were digging in, I heard a psssssssssssssss directly to the right of me….and down a little. I looked in that direction and there was Moushi, the perfect cat, who never did anything wrong, peeing on the carpet! Right below me! I quickly scooped her up, thinking–actually I wasn’t thinking anything–I just re-acted. I thought she would squeeze the stream off. Well, she didn’t. The force of me scooping her up by the nape of her neck sent the “stream” of pee over the table of food with an arch that would make the most beautiful of Italian fountains proud!!! Gag.

    BOTH Lilly Allison and Donna Cooper!!!!! HOW could our distinguished panel of judges choose between both of these outrageously funny stories? You will both win a handy little bag of animal treats. Lilly, I assume you would like dog treats? Donna, what say you?

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