A Morphing Mom’s Message


After seeing all those cute little first-day-back-to-school pictures on Facebook, got me wanting to ask Kailey to take her picture on her first day back to school. Only problem is, she a senior in college! I could just hear her “Oh, Mom…” now. 🙂 Yep, letting go has never been my strong suit. However, I learned a valuable lesson about “letting go” Kailey’s first night home from the hospital after she was born. And it’s been a life long lesson…


About lauriebarkercopeland

I'm just like you, but totally unique. We have things in common, but we are all God's one-of-a-kind creatures. I enjoy finding The Funny in life when it gets messy. And we all know how life can get messy, right? Some of the things I love: God, family, friends, storytelling, community, nature, the arts, beauty, travel, fun and games, learning, the study of the personalities, teenagers, acting, writing and missions. More specifically: the mountains, the beach, breathing clean air, traveling to new places, experiences, deep conversations, appreciating the minute in nature, lunching with girlfriends, practicing sensing, predicting trends, taking a few risks along the way. I hate routine, so starting (and keeping up) this vlog is risky for me...but I love community (and a few risks), so I'm going for it! I hope you join me and we can have some Serious Fun together!

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  1. Laurie:
    I have two “kids”. Jen is 30, and Jason is 28. I loved being a Mom… I didn’t take pictures every year for first day of school, but we had our own traditions. Since I became a Mom at a young age, I really didn’t know what it was like to be a “grown up” and not have kids! Like you, I had no clue how to take care of a baby when I brought Jen home. I had never even held a baby until my own!

    I seemed easier to trust them in God’s hands when they were small, and I was still able to manipulate their lives to a certain extent. As they grew, and their problems grew, and I wasn’t in their lives every day, it has been a difficult lesson to learn. As recently as a year ago, my heart was breaking for my son and his wife as they dealt with infertility issues. I cried for them daily. They didn’t understand why God was allowing them to go through what they were, and quite frankly, neither did I. It’s so much easier to “say” we trust God than to actually “live” it. I found myself in the position of trying to make sense of something I had no clue about the answers to. The thing is, after years of tests and procedures, tears and anger, the waiting in the adoption process… we have an almost four-week-old granddaughter! I have never seen two people cherish every moment of a pregnancy, and every movement of a baby’s life more than these two. Laura just said the other day, that if they hadn’t gone through that, they wouldn’t have this exact little girl.

    There are times I miss being a Mom…. it was the biggest part of my life for a long time. But, I did the best I knew how. And, I am continually learning to give them back to God and trust Him.

    • It’s funny we all think we are in control in the beginning but in reality from the day they are born we are learning the lessons God is teaching us from our roles as mothers. Trust. Patience. Unconditional love. Shear Joy. FAITH. Endure. Honesty. Forgiveness. Letting go.

      • Hi Renee, yep, it looks like God knew what He was doing once again, when he decided to give us children. Because of these children, we can picture our relationship with HIM so much clearer!!

    • Hi Cheryl! So good to hear from you. Ha! I thought I was the only one who was so baby-clueless by the time I had mine!

      Wow…GREAT thoughts. I love how open and honest you are in your writing. Do you enjoy writing? Anyway, yes, it looks like we have a lot of similar thoughts and experiences. I think I was a pretty good mom when Kailey was little. But now she’s an adult, and I have no control over how things go for her, THAT is hard. Being a mom and loving it, came as a surprise to me. I couldn’t believe how quickly it became my favorite profession. So now? Boom. Empty nest. And you’re right, we’ve done the best we know how, and we have to be okay with giving them back to God. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Keep ‘em coming!

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