Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hello from Ireland!


Sitting on a windy precipice on the coast of Ireland, Chelsea, Fred and I discuss our experience with a short term missions trip to Ireland!
And be sure to check out ALLLLL the pictures of our trip on my facebook page:  Laurie Barker Copeland


(And yes, I know it’s still September…I just didn’t know when I’d have a chance to get this posted!)  🙂


The Tale of The Sparkly Purple Pen


Pens have personalities. Some are pretty, some are funky, some work, some don’t. When my “pentuary” was too filled with too many pens that didn’t work, I got to work, tossing them. How does this relate to God and us? Watch and find out!

Let’s not ever say a writer’s life is boring, shall we?…


My niece, Amy requested I tell this true story because she thinks it’s one of the funniest she’s ever heard. (Thanks, Amy…your payment will arrive shortly.) This “live action” account of a writer’s life makes me wonder if Shakespeare had a day like this when he penned Comedy Of Errors. Comments are, as always, welcome!! 🙂