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Our (Halloween) Masks We Wear


Happy Halloween! Most of us wear masks other than October 31st. But what would happen if we didn’t?


Favorite Childhood Birthday Memories


I had dental surgery on Tuesday, and was on pain meds Wednesday. As much as some of you would be willing to pay a pretty penny for a good laugh seeing me talk woozy-like, my brain can’t even come up with something interesting to put down on video! Therefore, I’m jotting down just a few important words this week. 🙂

1) Wednesday was my daughter’s 22nd birthday! I actually taped a video on Wednesday, but I was loopy. Happy birthday, Kailey!!! I’m proud of the woman you have become. 🙂

2) WELCOME new followers from the WINNING WOMEN CONFERENCE! It was so nice to meet or see you all again. So glad you can join us here, and hope you feel at home. Drop a comment and share this link on facebook!

Speaking of birthdays, let’s discuss a favorite childhood birthday memory.
Mine? Well, my birthday is September 1st, which falls right before school starts up north. Both my parents were teachers, and were not paid all summer. So it was a little tough every year to come up with lots of presents or a party right at the most lean of times. My birthdays were simple, but filled with lots of love! (Corny, but true.) One year, as I was getting a little older, my mom said I could invite my friends over for a birthday party. Nowadays, a party is no big deal. But to a 14 year old girl who had never had one before, it was huge! So my friends Lilly, Cindy, Jean, Sheila, Laurie, and Cindy came over. I remember all of us crammed in, eating around my picnic table. They spent the night and we giggled through most of it. No x-box, DDR, movies on dvd or iphones. Just good ole fashioned girl-time! I think we played the Dating Game board game–is that the name? Where there are four guys to choose from? And the nerdy one was named Poindexter…I remember because I always got him. 🙂 Funny how big a deal this simple little party was for me.

Now it’s your turn to spill it–what is one of your favorite childhood birthday memories?

For Thicker or Thinner…


For better or worse,
For richer or poorer
In sickness and health
In thicker or thinner…
Oh wait…that’s not in there. Well, it SHOULD be!

Today is John’s and my 31st wedding anniversary and here in this vlog I give you ALL the wisdom about marriage that I have gained in those 30 years! Ha, no, it’s true, people ask us what’s the secret to staying married for so long. It’s a good question considering how marriage throws two people together with opposite personalities, different upbringings, social and political standards, education values and different opinions about anything from child rearing to whether to watch Project Runway or Swamp People. And then we throw children in the mix!

So yeah, it’s a good question…and I give it my best shot at answering it. But the answer may surprise you.

Now it’s your turn…share with our vlogging community what you think it takes for a lasting marriage!

Favorite Food Finds!


Well, I meant to come to you with a vlog today, but apparently some evil cat has been walking all over my computer again, and messing with the computer’s innards—which is always a mystery to me. How can a cat, simply walking across my keyboard, destroy my video-making Quick Time Player, turn on 16 programs, open up 4,699 spam emails, Tweet 36 messages through Hoot Suite and Skype a man named Stan in Alaska?

Anyway, my simple word program is still working, so I’m coming to you via a simple blog today.

This past week, my friend Jennie Bishop invited me to join her for lunch at a little café in Sanford, called The Corner Cafe. When I stepped in, the guy who looked like he could be in charge, greeted me and asked if it was my first time there. I said yes, and he took pleasure in explaining how each sandwich, soup and salad was created. I could tell right away this food wasn’t just made. Mike, as it turns out, is the owner and chef. And Mike was right. His food is good.

As a matter of fact, his onion soup is so spectacular; I thought I’d share it on my vlog/blog. But that’s not the only reason I’m sharing about The Corner Café today.

Mike does something that I sorely miss in my life. I live in a big city. I used to go to a big church. It seems like the bigger life is around me, the more I feel alone. When I walked into The Corner Café, I felt like I was welcomed into a family. I returned about four days later with my hubby and Mike remembered me. That may not be surprising for some of you folk who live in smaller communities, but I can walk into the same Panera three times in one week and no one remembers I was even there at all. Mike chatted with other patrons and called them each by name. His twenty-something-year-old employees were equally friendly and respectful. This personal touch struck a chord in me where I knew something was missing.

Okay…the onion soup. I LOVE a good bowl of onion soup—and if the restaurant skimps on the cheese over the top of it, well, a buzzer goes off in my head, telling me they just lost a customer. At Corner Café? Oh my, I can’t explain it, but I’ll try. Even though it was still 90 degrees outside, I gave the onion soup a try. It was in a yummy bread bowl, with plentiful melted cheese dripping over it’s top and sides. The soup’s texture was thicker than usual, but not too thick—just enough to make you crave more. And no salt was added, but it’s flavor made every taste bud in my mouth stand up and do a little dance.

So all this food critique got me thinking. When I meet face to face with an AMAZING piece of culinary delight, I take note. I have a list of my favorite foods throughout the world. Most recently, I added The Best Fish-n-Chips Ever, on our recent visit to Ireland. So why not share this with you, my beloved vlog-viewers? And best yet, YOU can share with me all your favorite food discoveries! So I’ve started a list below. All you need to do is add to it. Think of your favorite salmon, pizza, hot dog, hamburger or chocolate cake or whatever. And then give credit to the restaurant and where. (Maybe some other time we’ll make a list of favorite HOMEmade foods and who makes it.)

The Top 100 Favorite Food Finds in America and Abroad (not in any certain order.)

1. Onion Soup—The Corner Café, Sanford, Florida
2. Fish-n-Chips—Strandhill Pub, Strandhill (outside of Sligo), Ireland
3. Ice cream—University of Wisconsin dairy department (yes, it’s true!)
4. Salad—the Summer Salad, right here in Orlando, at Crispers
5. Clam chowder—Mike’s on the Waterfront, north of Boston, Mass.
6. Steak—Florentine steak; can’t remember name, but was a tiny restaurant in Florence, Italy
7. Frozen custard—Abbott’s, Rochester, NY
8. Crème Brulee—Bellagio, Las Vegas
9. Bread—Bubble Bread, The Bubble Room, Sanibel Island, Florida
10. French Fries—I really hate to admit this, but McDonalds. So far, no one has beat a fresh batch, right out of the grease. ☺

Bonus addition:

Best privately owned restaurant: Bridgeport Inn, Bridgeport, California (right outside of Bodie State Park)
Best fast food restaurant (I know this sounds like an oxymoron that there are ANY “best” fast food, but there is actually a tie!): In n Out (throughout the west) and Culvers (Wisconsin/Minnesota areas)

Okay, what about you? What are your favorite finds? I’d love to hear from you!