Monthly Archives: February 2013

Taking a Break…


Hey friends and family,
Just wanted to drop a quick little note to let you know I haven’t fallen off Planet Earth and landed in a Black Hole of Cyber space somewhere. But I have decided to take a break from vlogging due to some difficult issue that have arisen. Yes, it’s true, I’ve been sick for over 5 weeks now with this flu-monster (now downgraded to a cough and hoarse voice), but that is all. Nothing terrible to report on that front.

I just find that I have to put all my energies right now on these difficult issues. Sometimes life is just plain hard, wouldn’t you agree? Sure glad I have Jesus to lean on.  The issues are nothing life-threatening or even relationship-threatening. But I’ve gotten to the point I need to consolidate and focus on a few important matters.

So thanks for understanding. It won’t be forever. Just for awhile. In the mean time, if you think about us, please pray! I’ll be praying for and missing you, my cyber family!