I’m just like you, but totally unique.  We have things in common, but we are all God’s one-of-a-kind creatures. I enjoy finding The Funny in life when it gets messy.  And we all know how life can get messy, right?

Some of the things I love:  God, family, friends, storytelling, community, nature, the arts, beauty, travel, fun and games, learning, the study of the personalities, teenagers, acting, writing and missions.
More specifically:  the mountains, the beach, breathing clean air, traveling to new places, experiences, deep conversations, appreciating the minute in nature, lunching with girlfriends, practicing sensing, predicting trends, taking a few risks along the way.

I hate routine, so starting (and keeping up) this vlog is risky for me…but I love community (and a few risks), so I’m going for it!  I hope you join me and we can have some Serious Fun together!


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  1. Laurie!
    So glad I was invited to the official unveiling of your Very Vivacious Vlog! Congrats on the big debut! I loved the story of your young husband shrieking at decibels heretofore unknown and jumping on the bed in fright too. Good stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more Serious Fun. Bring it on, sister.

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