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Favorite Childhood Birthday Memories


I had dental surgery on Tuesday, and was on pain meds Wednesday. As much as some of you would be willing to pay a pretty penny for a good laugh seeing me talk woozy-like, my brain can’t even come up with something interesting to put down on video! Therefore, I’m jotting down just a few important words this week. 🙂

1) Wednesday was my daughter’s 22nd birthday! I actually taped a video on Wednesday, but I was loopy. Happy birthday, Kailey!!! I’m proud of the woman you have become. 🙂

2) WELCOME new followers from the WINNING WOMEN CONFERENCE! It was so nice to meet or see you all again. So glad you can join us here, and hope you feel at home. Drop a comment and share this link on facebook!

Speaking of birthdays, let’s discuss a favorite childhood birthday memory.
Mine? Well, my birthday is September 1st, which falls right before school starts up north. Both my parents were teachers, and were not paid all summer. So it was a little tough every year to come up with lots of presents or a party right at the most lean of times. My birthdays were simple, but filled with lots of love! (Corny, but true.) One year, as I was getting a little older, my mom said I could invite my friends over for a birthday party. Nowadays, a party is no big deal. But to a 14 year old girl who had never had one before, it was huge! So my friends Lilly, Cindy, Jean, Sheila, Laurie, and Cindy came over. I remember all of us crammed in, eating around my picnic table. They spent the night and we giggled through most of it. No x-box, DDR, movies on dvd or iphones. Just good ole fashioned girl-time! I think we played the Dating Game board game–is that the name? Where there are four guys to choose from? And the nerdy one was named Poindexter…I remember because I always got him. 🙂 Funny how big a deal this simple little party was for me.

Now it’s your turn to spill it–what is one of your favorite childhood birthday memories?


Hurricanes and Birthdays


What in the world do hurricanes have to do with birthdays? For one thing, my birthday is smack dab in the middle of the busiest part of hurricane season. (A fact I didn’t know growing up in Rochester, NY, as I celebrated it up over Labor Day weekend–the weekend before school started. But I digress…) Anyway, join guest vlogger Sandi Lacey and I as we discuss–oh, so intellectually–the similarities between hurricanes and birthdays. Then, if YOU have celebrated a birthday in the last year…um…that means YOU…drop us a comment and let us know if your birthday was hurricane related or not. 🙂