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Distracting Cats


It’s contest time again! Leave a comment with your favorite or funniest or most-touching pet story. Our distinguished panel of judges will choose a winner, who will then be awarded a fabulous bag of pet treats! Deadline is next Wednesday, June 6th, 9 a.m.

How does my rear-end-shashaying-Queen-of-Sheba-cat Zoe remind me of myself?  Tune in to find out! 🙂

After I posted this vlog, my friend Liz had this to say about my story about Zoe and Baby.  It’s so good, I wanted to repost it here! “I can also relate to Zoe’s distraction, but sometimes I’m Baby, too – jealous when someone else is getting more attention than me, but running to and fro instead of just asking if I can have the “spa treatment” too:)”