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Human Trafficking in America: Hear Kat’s story


Tune in and listen to Kat’s story. Kat became–unbeknownst to her–involved in human trafficking right here in America. Her story was told to World Vision, on channel 6 here locally, and other national ministries are asking her to share her story. I was fortunate enough to have a little chat with her for our vlog, and asked the question, “how could this happen to a normal American girl?” It’s a little longer than my normal vlog, but it’s worth hearing about God’s redeeming love in her life now. Pray for Kat and how God is going to use Kat’s story. (PS Apologies for the weird close-up camera angles where one of us is cut off. I was holding the camera out in front of me, since it was just Kat and me in the room.)