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Janna in Swaziland, Africa


Wow. Sorry about that obnoxious “Hi” in the very beginning. Okay, now that THAT’S out of the way…..

What would make a beautiful 20 something young lady, living in San Diego, want to up and join the Peace Corp, leaving family, friends and comfort at home? Watch this video, as I interview my niece Janna, a few days before she “shipped out.” She left yesterday. Please pray for her and she embarks on her 2 year journey. (Sorry to those who found an earlier-taped, playful, but not serious video of this same subject on YouTube. I was showing her how the blog works, and we taped that one, and I left it up there, thinking no one would find it, but some did! 🙂 I thought that was pretty funny-considering how silly it was. Janna just brings the “silly” out in me.)  Follow her adventures at http://www.jannaswazilandadventures.wordpress.com