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Movies: One Liner contest and your top 5


Movies. For most of us, they play a significant role in our lives. But what makes a movie quotable? Or a favorite?

CONTEST! I’m holding a contest to see who can correctly identify the most movie one liners and the person who said it, based on the 15 I have quoted in this vlog! Deadline is this Friday at midnight!

Top 5 Movie List: As a writer, I’m very interested in what makes movies memorable and lasting. I’d love to hear your Top Five Movie list, and why they are your favorite. Here’s mine:
Tie for 5th place: Right Stuff (because it’s heroic and based on true events) and Nell (great characters and plot)
4th place: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (the wonderfully crafted characters make me howl with laughter!)
3rd place: Singing in the Rain (my favorite of all musicals. I love Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds.)
2nd place: Shindler’s List (so inspirational and poignant)
1st place: Les Mes (aside from the Bible, it’s my favorite example of grace and God’s redemption.)
And the movie that stands alone: The Passion of the Christ. (Good timing! Invite friends and watch it again this Easter weekend!)

Can’t wait to hear what your favorites are! And don’t forget the contest! Name those one liners (movie and character who spoke it) Even if you don’t know them all, the person who guesses the most will win. So give it a try! 🙂